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Phenom X2, X3 prematurely benchmarked

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Posted November 27, 2007 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Our benchmarks show that the Phenom with only two cores activated outperforms it’s ancestor by a small margin. This seems to be due to architectural improvements, except for the larger gain of almost 19 percent in WinRAR – here the integration of the 2 MiByte sized L3-Cache really shows and its the only test where the Phenom (with four cores) can marginally outperform even Intels Q6600 running at 2,4 GHz. Strangely enough, the Phenom X3 is almost at the heels of the fully-fledged X4 Phenom. Probably most of today’s tests do not utilize a quadcore processor to the fullest, making a linear performance scaling with increasing number of cores a future dream to come true.

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