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Nvidia prepares “D8E” – the 7950 GX2’s successor

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Posted November 8, 2007 by admin in News

The whole new high-end is codenamed D8E. Enthusiasts will have two chipsets on two PCB’s with two huge power connectors. Most of you remember the 7950 GX2, and this will be a similar card. We still have to confirm if the chipsets on this card are two G92s, but we heavily suspect that Nvidia can enable the eight cluster of this 65nanometer chip and make the current 8800 GT chip even faster. If Nvidia does that, the 8800 GT chip will become an 8800 GTS 512MB, just with a touch of a flash tool. After all, the G92 has more transistors than the G80, which means it has at least the same brute power, faster Shaders and new video processors; and we are sure that it has eight clusters, which are just as many as the G80 has. Two of these chips should run very fast and we believe that such a card should be able to beat R680, ATI?s high-end card scheduled for the same release timeframe. Nvidia also plans a new single chipset high-end card for mid 2008 codenamed G100, or D9E.

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