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nForce 680i doesn’t support Yorkfield, Wolfdale

Posted November 28, 2007 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

So it seems that the 680i chipset has support for the quad core Yorkfiled (and dual core Wolfdale), but it seems that the 680i motherboards have been built in such a way that quad core Yorkfiled (and dual core Wolfdale) will not work on almost all 680i motherboards produced. So all in all, 45nm Intel CPUs are not a mix with the current 680i. NVIDIA stresses that we look forward to the next-gen chipset for support, which of course requires buying a new motherboard. All of this begs the question, at least in my mind, ?Did NVIDIA know this was coming?? Obviously if it did know this was coming back during reference board design this would not be happening. My gut bet is that Intel has kept NVIDIA at arm?s length when it comes to new technology which of course is now going to upset a lot of NVIDIA motherboard owners. My thought is that Intel and NVIDIA have not been playing nicely for a while now, and this simply reinforces how I see the two companies? balmy relationship.


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