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D8E, D8P, D8M – Nvidia’s new codenames explained

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Posted November 10, 2007 by admin in News

Unfortunately now is a very confusing time as the new names haven’t really settled in yet – so GPU’s are currently known by two codenames: the new (D8P) and the old (G92).

As 2007 comes to a close, the company will ramp production on ninth-generation components to replace the eighth-generation 65nm parts, D8x. Sound familiar? It should, as NVIDIA is almost exactly replicating Intel’s tick-tock strategy of alternate cycles of design and shrink. Early NVIDIA roadmaps claim D9M, the first ninth-generation NVIDIA component, will replace the GeForce 8500-series lineup. There’s no retail designation for these D9x parts, but it would be a safe bet to say these will be the GeForce 9xxx-series cards. D9M will add PCIe 2.0 support, DirectX 10.1, wider memory controllers (up to 128-bits) and will be based on a 65nm silicon. D9P, the likely 8600-series replacement, adds the same features as D9M, but the memory controller width will top out at 256-bits. D9E, the enthusiast component slated to replace the GeForce 8800-series, will incorporate all of the features of D9P and add a 512-bit memory bus. NVIDIA is holding its cards close on D9E, and has not provided any other guidance or release date.

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