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AMD toying with potential Ageia acquisition

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Posted November 28, 2007 by admin in News

Why would a company such as Ageia cost so much? Well, now that Intel has bought Havok, Huddy reckons that AMD isn?t the only company thinking of buying Ageia, and this would push up the price. ?I bet that the same thing has gone through the minds of Nvidia,? said Huddy, ?and the other companies that play in this marketplace.? Huddy even said that ?someone like Sony or Nintendo might think about doing it to acquire the IP and the hardware for the next generation of technologies. There are a number of players who would be interested ? if there was only one then the price would plummet, but unfortunately it?s one of those situations where getting that unique advantage genuinely raises the price for Ageia’… However, we asked Huddy if he?d rule out AMD buying Ageia if the price was right, and he said ?no, absolutely not?I certainly don?t rule us out from going through that discussion in future.?

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