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Archive for March 3rd, 2021

Samsung launch 1TB Spinpoint hard disk drive

Terabyte Hard Disk Drives are becoming ever more popular in todays computer age, and today, Samsung launched their 1tb Hard Drive called the Samsung Spinpoint HD103UJ. The power usage on this hard drive is around 7.7w to 8.6w, depending on what the hard disk is actually doing. However, the hard disk drive unlike others which uses 4x 250GB platters, uses 3x 334GB platters, so this should make the hard drive run cooler and quieter. Altogether the drive has a total capacity of 1,002GB, or 1.002tb.

AMD Quad FX platform comes to an end

Quote from AMD Has announced that they will discontinue the 8-core enthusiast platform, and all of their effort is now going in to AMD Spider + Energy Efficient processors.

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