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Archive for March 3rd, 2021

Next generation Radeon’s to be “multi-core”

Citing numerous articles over at Fudzilla, AMD's next generation graphics cards, which will feature the R700 core, will apparently be multi-core. Featuring either one, two or four cores on a single die will reportedly determine if the board is low, mid, or high-end, respectively. The site claim that with four or more "mini cores", one board could offer "three or even more times [the] performance of [the] RV670".

More GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB pictures surface

The G92 refresh of the 8800 GTS has dominated headlines lately, and while we've already seen two sets of pictures (one of which showed the board to have a somewhat inclined cooler), some new pictures have been published over at TweakTown. The reference board pictured has maintained its dual-slot cooler and appears to have one SLI connector, and one 6-pin PCIe power connector. Judging by the first picture, the board does indeed adopt a tilted cooler...

AMD toying with potential Ageia acquisition

Following closely behind Intel's purchase of Havok, word on the street is that AMD is eyeing off physics accelerator and API maker Ageia. In an interview with Custom PC, AMD?s head of developer relations, Richard Huddy, claims that price is the main issue at the present time. "No one would think of us as cash rich at the moment, so splashing an extra $100 million just to get physics, which is a niche market, is quite an issue for us." However, he doesn't rule the company out of the acquisition if the price is right...

nForce 680i doesn’t support Yorkfield, Wolfdale

This rumour has been a hot topic of discussion in many forums lately, however, it's now been made official by Nvidia that all 680i SLI based boards don't support Intel's 45nm Yorkfield or Wolfdale CPU's. As HardOCP report, a "motherboard circuit change is required" in order to use all Yorkfield CPU's. This news originated in the EVGA forums where a BIOS update was mentioned in order to gain Wolfdale support. Though while Nvidia doesn't state whether Wolfdale is supported, HardOCP claim that it simply "will not work"...

Nvidia delays 512MB 8800 GTS to December 11th

Contrary to the early December release date we've been rather hoping for, or December 3rd to be more precise - DigiTimes reports that Nvidia's G92-powered 8800 GTS will now arrive on December 11th, or so say their "sources at graphics card makers". The site note that the board consumes 140W, although unfortunately no other new information was added other than the board's US $299-349 price, and 650MHz/970MHz clocks.

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