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Archive for March 3rd, 2021

Firefox 3.0 beta 1 available and reviewed

Whilst Internet Explorer still holds the greatest market share, it's slowly losing ground to Mozilla's baby, Firefox. Now available for download, the first beta for version 3 offers a crisper, faster interface - mainly thanks to the browser's new engine, Gecko 1.9. Mozilla claims that the beta includes "nearly 2 million lines of code changes, fixing more than 11,000 issues." New features include improved zoom functionalities, a downloads pause button, and instant bookmarking.

More Radeon HD 3600 series information, pictures

On Tuesday, we reported some details that confirmed the board’s availability in January/February, and some basic core clocks. HKEPC has today published some new information regarding the two new boards – including the naming scheme. Both boards will include 120 shader processors, 16 texture address units, 8 texture filter units, 4 ROPs and a 128 bit memory interface. Dubbed the HD 3670 and 3650, they’ll be clocked at 800MHz/800MHz and 600MHz/500MHz, respectively.

780i to bring Hybrid SLI to desktops through AMD chip

Hybrid SLI was first introduced in July last year under the name "SLI Power". Nearly a year later, Nvidia renamed the concept to Hybrid SLI and advertised it as a notebook selling point. Today though, the technology is supposedly set to arrive on a desktop motherboard - a 780i SLI based board. Thanks to AMD's MCP78S chipset, the technology will allow on-the-fly switching, depending on how demanding the task, between the on-board graphics, and the more powerful graphics card(s) - saving power across the board.

Nvidia prepares nForce 780i SLI for December

Nvidia's 780i chipset was originally intended for launch on November 12, however due to ?Penryn issues?, the chipset has been delayed until late December. Digitimes now reports that the chipset should accompany an AMD part and launch sometime next month - with "mass shipments" in January. The 780i SLI and AMD based 780a SLI chipset will support PCI Express 2.0 and three-way SLI. Unfortunately though, DDR3 support won't arrive until Q1 with the 790i series.

Forum antics: What’s on your Christmas list?

Christmas has once again quietly crept up on us, and with nearly a month to go, it's time to start thinking of what you might like. Over in our forums, a thread has been created covering this exact topic. So far, our members are eyeing off products including Phenom CPU's, extra memory, new monitors and even cars. It's a pity though that the remaining Yorkfield desktop parts aren't arriving until January... (might have to dust off the old I.O.U lists).

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