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Archive for June 13th, 2021

Nvidia release 8800M GTX for notebooks

The 8800M GTX is the latest to join the 8700M, 8600M and even the old GeForce Go 7950 GTX in the mobile GPU market. The 8800M GTX is said to operate at 500MHz/800MHz, and include 96 stream processors. Nvidia claim that the GPU features their PowerMizer technology "that intelligently balances battery life and performance." Also noted was that Alienware?s Area-51 m17x and Area-51 m15x notebooks will ship with the new GPU.

Nvidia’s 8800 GT 256MB prematurely tested

Prepare yourself – the fiasco the 8800 GT sparked when it launched late last month is about to repeat itself (with good reason too). Although this time it’s for a different board – a board that is remarkably cheaper than the existing 8800 GT, and is pretty much on par with its performance (without 16x AF anyway). Priced around US $190, the 8800 GT 256MB has been compared to a HD 3850, 8600 GTS, and its 512MB counterpart. At up to 1920×1200 with no AA or AF, the performance difference between the two 8800 GT’s is within 1%…

AMD prepare 55nm HD 2600 successor

DigiTimes were the first to draw our attention to the 55nm successor of the HD 2400/2600 series - although they're now adding a bit more information to the subject. Citing the usual "sources at graphics card makers", the site note that AMD will launch the RV630 XT in January, and the Pro in Febuary. The XT will carry an 800Mhz core clock, and will accommodate 256MB GDDR3 memory, while the Pro will be a 512MB GDDR2 board at 600MHz.

Intel unleash QX9770 samples to suffocate Phenom launch…

In an attempt to somewhat smother the Phenom's launch exposure, Intel has rather rudely sent out the first QX9770 samples. Like the QX9650, the QX9770 is a 45nm Yorkfield-based part that operates at 3.2Ghz. In the many previews posted (kudos to OCAU for gathering the links), the QX9770 performs as it should, outperforming the 3.0GHz QX9650. In comparison to AMD, the 3.0GHz FX-74 is generally the chip's main concern at this point...

AMD debut first Phenom processors

With the launch of the HD 3800-series graphics cards only a few days ago, and the launch of the first Phenom processors today, AMD's long-awaited Spider platform is only missing one crucial piece - the 790 FX chipset. It appears that the reports about Phenom launching at only 2.3Ghz is correct, however, according to The Inquirer, a Translation Lookaside Buffer error causing the four cores to freeze under specific circumstances is to blame for the slower than intended speeds.

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