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Archive for February 24th, 2021

Intel roll-out first Penryn-based processors

The first of Intel's Penryn CPU's is now available for public retail. Among the sixteen listed processors is one desktop part (QX9650) and fifteen Xeons - three of which are only dual-core. The quad-core version's speeds range from 2.0 - 3.0GHz, the prices from $209 - $999 USD, they all feature 12MB L2 cache, and consume 80 - 150w. Eleven of the sixteen CPU's are available today, while the rest should arrive in the next 30-45 days.

More Radeon HD 3800-series benchmarks appear

Along with benching the boards themselves, the folks at VR-Zone have nabbed some slides from AMD packed with more benchmarks of the RV760 based 3870/50. The HD 3850 was compared to an 8600 GTS and HD 2600 XT - and in every single test came out the better of the three scoring 8875 in 3DMark 06. The 3870 and HD 2900 XT were also pitted against each other and were usually around 3 FPS apart with the 3870 winning the majority of tests.

AMD Phenom retail-box snapped

The anticipation regarding the launch of AMD's Phenom CPU's has steadily declined as the launch nears, and as reported on Saturday, AMD will in fact only be launching two of the Phenoms this month. Heading over to TechConnect Magazine we find the retail box the CPU's will supposedly be born in. It adopts a somewhat purple design with AMD's new Phenom logo being the centre of attention... (enjoy it while it lasts!).

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