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Archive for March 3rd, 2021

Nvidia prepares “D8E” – the 7950 GX2’s successor

Nvidia's 7950 GX2 was a piece of art in its day. Aside from insane power consumption, and relatively low quad-SLi performance, the design itself was unique and appealing. Today, according to Fudzilla, it will be superseded by a new version featuring the G92 core. Nicknamed "D8E", the board will adopt many of the characteristics of its predecessor; two PCB's, with two power connectors...

AMD planning dual GPU RV670 board for this year?

According to NordicHardware, citing “optimistic sources” (sounds promising), the previously heard of R680 does exist. However, the tricky part is that the site believe that it’s not a GPU, but rather the name of a dual GPU RV670 board. Like the already released HD 2600 Gemini boards that sport two GPU’s, the boards will include two RV670 circuits on the one PCB (unlike Nvidia’s 7950 GX2, which uses two PCB’s). Keep in mind though, that Nordic are “certainly not promising anything“.

AMD inaudibly release HD 2900 GT: first benchmarks appear

It's true, we all forgot that Nvidia does in fact have an opposition - although they may not be much competition at the present time - they are indeed still releasing boards. The last of the R600-based boards adopts the familiar GT suffix. The Radeon HD 2900 GT features 240 stream processors, operates at 600/800MHz, and includes 256MB of GDDR3 memory on a 256-bit memory bus. In comparison to the 2900 Pro, which shares the same clocks, the board's 240 stream processors and memory bus are a real bottleneck.

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