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Archive for February 24th, 2021

Hack allows Crysis DX10 eye candy under XP

Imagine having the eye candy DirectX 10 offers under the huge performance gains of XP. Well, thanks to a simple hack over at the crisis-online forums, this can indeed be done. It appears that Crytek disabled the ?Very High? image quality setting when using XP ? obviously to sway people over to Vista. However, in an array of configuration files, the ?Very High? coding is still there - so you simply copy that code, and replace the ?High? code with it. This effectively makes the High setting use the Very High image quality that has otherwise been disabled.

SLI drivers for X38 in the wild

This topic has been subject to persistent debate, speculation and opinion for some time now. Currently, nForce chipsets are the only option when using SLI – although chipsets including Intel?s X38 may one day dent Nvidia?s market share by supporting SLI. According to Intel, the X38 has the ability to support SLI, however, Nvidia will deny it. According to a user at XtremeSystems, he will receive the SLI drivers for his X38, which are “in the final state of polishing with a few bugs left to squash,? sometime in the near future.

Gigabyte GA-780SLi-DS5 board pictured

With the launch of Nvidia?s 780i SLI chipset under a week from now, some shots of Gigabyte's GA-780SLi-DS5 - which will be among the first of the retail boards to arrive with such a chipset - has appeared online. Alongside support for 45mn processors, the 780i will support 1066MHz and 1333MHz FSB's, and three PCI-E 2.0 x16 slots ready for Tri-SLI. Unfortunately, DDR3 or 1600MHz FSB?s won't be supported until the C73 launches in January. The 780SLi-DS5, which will be a lower-end 780 board, accommodates six SATA ports, two heatpipes, three PCIe slots, and four DDR2-1066 slots.

Qimonda producing GDDR5 samples

Memory manufacturer Qimonda has reportedly started sampling the first GDDR5 chips. According to Reg Hardware, GDDR5 will offer 20GB/s bandwidth - quite a bump from the 16GB/s of GDDR3. Qimonda claims that amongst the speed improvements, GDDR5 also offers lower power consumption as a result of downclocking unused video memory. The company noted that GDDR5 will be available commercially sometime next year.

Nvidia accidentally confirms G92 powered 8800 GTS

It seems that Thursday?s story is indeed true ? Nvidia will be adding a new piece to the currently blurry graphics card market in the form of a G92 powered 8800 GTS. From this, we gather that the recent 112 shader model will soon become obsolete, along with all the other 8800 GTS versions. As already mentioned, the new board will include 128 shader units (compared to the GT?s 112), higher clocks than the 8800 GT, and arrive with the more traditional 512/1024 MB memory sizes.

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