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Archive for February 24th, 2021

Google preparing Gmail 2.0: plots against Facebook

During their recent Analysts Day, Google has shed some light on the upcoming refresh of their GMail web-based mail environment. While the user interface seems to have remained untouched, Google allege that ?GMail 2.0? will accompany a faster service and better contact management. The update will roll-out late this year, or early ?08. In related news, Google is leading a team of developers in order to take on Facebook. The company is allegedly allowing software developers to write programs for Google?s future social network, OpenSocial?

8800 GTS 640MB with 112 SP?s beats 8800 GT in Crysis

While on paper alone, this shouldn?t be the case – although as a preliminary benchmark over at Hardware Canucks reveals, the new 640MB 8800 GTS with 112 shaders (as opposed to the former 96) tops the 8800 GT in the Crysis demo. While the performance gap is exceptionally narrow (0.7 FPS), this could be a preview of what?s to come in other synthetic testing. The in-game settings were high detail, running at 1600×1200 with no AA. Only time will tell if this will also top the GT in price-for-performance ? although if things stay as they are (meaning two similar performing boards), we?re set for a few more very confusing months over at green-camp.

G92 isn?t done yet: another board coming this year?

Already existent through the recently launched 8800 GT, Nvidia?s G92 core is reportedly set for another spin in December this year. As DailyTech informs, the new board will feature the full 128 shader units present on the G92 core ? as opposed to the 112 of the 8800 GT and recently bumped 640MB 8800 GTS. Alongside that, the board will also boast higher clocks and support up to 1GB of memory. Unlike the G80?s 320-bit bus, the new board will include a 256-bit bus, meaning memory sizes will be the more traditional 512/1024MB sizes, as opposed to 320/640MB.

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