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Seagate launches Momentus 5400 – their first hybrid drive

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Posted October 10, 2007 by admin in News

Hybrid hard drives fit between a traditional hard drive, which uses a magnetic disk platter for storing data, and solid-state-disk drives (SSDs) which use flash memory as an exceedingly quick storage medium. In a hybrid drive, flash memory is used as a cache memory, allowing data to be dumped en masse onto the disk, which can be kept in an idle mode, saving power and extending the battery life of the notebook… The flash memory serves the same purpose as the DRAM: as a buffer. In the Momentus line, the RAM cache will total 8 Mbytes, while 256 Mbytes of flash memory will buffer cached write requests to the disk. In what the company calls “hybrid mode,” where data is being written to the disk, the drive is rated as “silent,” pulling just 0.3 watts, and the operating shock tolerance increases to 900 Gs. Internally, the data rate measures 44 Mbytes/s, Seagate said.

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