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Leopard unveiled: goes head-to-head against Vista

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Posted October 29, 2007 by admin in News

If you’ve followed Leopard coverage at all, you’ve already heard about Apple’s slick new automatic backup feature called Time Machine. Attach another drive to your system, and you’ll have the opportunity to designate it for Time Machine backups. Once that’s setup, changes to your files will be backed up automatically, and you can browse through them in this nifty 3D interface… Leopard wouldn’t be much of a Mac OS update if it didn’t make some significant changes to Finder. This time around, Finder has added iTunes Cover Flow interface, to give you a way to scroll through thumbnails of your pictures, videos, documents, and folders. It’s an interesting addition, but it could use a few tweaks. Performance on older systems isn’t exactly swift, and folders all use the same icon regardless of the files inside them.

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