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Futurmark release PCMark Vantage

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Posted October 19, 2007 by admin in News

PCMark Vantage incorporates a sophisticated array of tests to generate accurate workloads that produce valid, fully comparable system performance scores. CPU test results are based on data encryption, decryption, compression, decompression, CPU image manipulation, audio and video transcoding, text editing, web page rendering, mail functionality, CPU artificial intelligence game test, contact creation and searching. Graphics test results are based on HD video playback, GPU image manipulation and GPU game tests. HDD test results are trace based (with the new 4K block size) using Windows Defender, Alan Wake? game data streaming, image import, Windows Vista start-up, video editing, Media Center usage, Windows Media Player? searching and cataloging, and loading of the following applications: Microsoft Word 2007, Adobe Photoshop? CS2, Internet Explorer and Outlook? 2007.

The six Consumer Scenario test suites are pre-correlated by intended usage and each contain a subset of the following tests as applicable: data encryption, decryption, compression and decompression, GPU and CPU image manipulation, image import, video playback, editing and transcoding, audio transcoding, GPU and CPU game tests, game data loading, web page rendering, mail operations, media player operations, contacts search, text editing and applicable HDD tests.

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