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Another 8800 GT review: beats GTX at lower resolutions

Posted October 29, 2007 by admin in News

With the current trend on the rise in larger monitors and gaming resolutions breaking the usual 1280×1024 barrier, the 8800GT arrives just in the nick of time to rescue avid gamers and enthusiasts alike from the incoming hail of DirectX10-capable games that are going to flood the market this holiday season – through till next year! The bottom line of the whole 8800GT and 8800GTS refresh is probably to bring enhanced DX10 gaming capabilities to a rapidly evolving gaming crowd – whose games are quickly making the transition into DirectX10. All the DX10 processing power – at an affordable pricepoint. That, we believe is the main purpose of the 8800GT. It’s ability to hold up in DX10 games against much tougher & more expensive competitors like the 8800GTX and GTS 640mb will be much appreciated amongst the gaming-hungry but budget conscious majority of hardware enthusiasts out there. We can safely say for its price point, such an ability is unparalleled at the moment.


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