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AMD talks DirectX 10.1

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Posted October 31, 2007 by admin in News

Perhaps the more interesting changes come in the form of anti-aliasing features where deferred rendering engines (like the Unreal Engine 3) could now enable AA support. Not only that, but custom AA filters are now possible in DX10.1 directly, and can be written in shader form by the developer — after all who would know better how to improve the IQ of their title than the developer? Finally, tighter specifications on things like FP32 filtering and having a minimum of 4x MSAA support should ensure AA performs identically on all Direct X 10.1 GPUs. There is more to all this than we know quite yet — after all as of this writing neither AMD nor NVIDIA has actually released their upcoming graphics cards to the world. We’ll know much more about the NVIDIA 8800 GT very soon and we’ll have all the details about the HD 3800 cards in just a couple weeks.

DirectX 10.1 will arrive with the launch of Vista SP1, and will be supported by the RV670.

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