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AMD moving to 45nm H1, ’08 – Phenom, RV670 next month

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Posted October 20, 2007 by admin in News

Fab-wise, AMD has shut down its Dresden, Germany-based Fab 30 and is converting it into Fab 38, which will produce 300mm wafers. AMD CEO Hector Ruiz elaborated, “We’re doing it in such a way that Fab 38 is going to be like a race car idling in the pit stop. We will be prepared to ramp that quickly should we need extra capacity. . . at this point in time we’re planning to have Fab 38 at a modest activity in 2008.” AMD talked a little bit about Barcelona, too. Demand for quad-core Opterons is high, Dirk Meyer explained, but the initial production ramp has been slower than anticipated. The problem isn’t yields, which Meyer said are “right where we expected them to be.” Rather, Meyer stated that AMD needs to “tune the design to the technology.” The company expects Barcelona to become widely available by the middle of this quarter.

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