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Archive for February 27th, 2021

HIS bring HD 2600 XT HDMI to AGP

We?re yet to see a DX10 AGP part from Nvidia, although a handful of AMD AIB?s already offer the 2600 series in AGP. HIS is the latest to do so, although their offering is quite different from the rest. The boards available come in 256/512MB versions ? and all include HDMI support. The boards operates at 800/700MHz, features a single-slot cooler, and generates less than 20dB. Until we see a potential 8600 or equivalent with an AGP bridge, this is as good as it gets when it comes to DX10.

40GB PlayStation 3 goes 65nm

While it lacks a larger capacity hard drive, or any backwards-compatibility with older PS2 games, it appears that Sony have included the new 65nm version of the consoles CPU and GPU in the new 40GB bundle. Alongside that, is also a new motherboard (SEM-001), and a new south bridge (CXD2984GB). The most important change, however, comes thanks to the new 65nm technology used. Apparently, the console?s power usage has dropped from 200W at full load, to 135W. Sony have also reportedly swapped from Elpida, to Samsung memory.

Two million Leopards sold: causing frequent crashes

Apple?s OS X Leopard has only been on the market for a few days, and while its already sold over two million copies, it seems to be attracting a blue-screen-of-death on boot up. According to affected users, the error appears when using the upgrade option, which keeps the majority of your settings and programs intact. In some cases, the error remained for as long as six hours, while others were more fortunate and it only lasted around an hour. While many blame the Application Enhancer in Macs, the error is usually avoidable when not selecting the ?upgrade? install option.

Crysis goes gold: under three weeks to go?

With the November 16 launch nearing (or November 15 for us Aussies), Crysis has finally gone gold (always good to start the day with a huge surprise). As Shacknews report, the game is complete and ready to enter the manufacturing process. According to Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli, “we are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish with Crysis.? While counting the days till launch, don?t forget that the single-player demo is now available.

Tri-SLI is overrated: first benchmarks appear

Over the past few days, a new technology from Nvidia has been struggling to keep its head above the recent 8800 GT infested waters. As the board’s hype is starting to settle down though, it’s time for Tri-SLI’s turn in the spotlight. TomsHardware China has recently assembled a rig with three 8800 GTX’s, and you guessed it, run it through its paces. It appears, however, that Tri-SLI only offers just over two times the performance of a single card ? although it does impress in older titles with a 2.7 performance improvement.

AMD talks DirectX 10.1

A recent document from AMD, floating around journalists in-boxes, has revealed some new details about DirectX 10.1. AMD touts that amongst Shader Model 4.1 - DirectX 10.1 will improve global illumination and shadowing, deferred rendering performance and LOD instructions. Slides also claim "more realistic environments" and "improved programmability" - although it seems to be becoming mandatory these days for companies to include marketing shenanigans like those.

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