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Archive for February 27th, 2021

Phenom X4 can’t keep up with Intel in Crysis

Expreview, a site known for leaking early photos and benchmarks, has compared a 65nm Agena X4 CPU to three of Intel's Core 2 processors including the recently released QX9650, and the dual-core E6850. Across the four benchmarks in the Crysis demo, the Intel CPU's performed similar averaging 49 FPS. Over to AMD though, we find the Phenom X4 struggling to keep up, averaging 46 FPS. All processors were clocked at 3.0GHz, and used the 790 FX, and P35 chipsets.

Intel launches Yorkfield-based QX9650

With the launch of Conroe exactly 473 days ago (kudos to Beyond3D for keeping count), Intel has rolled out the first of the 45nm Penryn CPU's. The chip operates at 3.0Ghz - the same clocks as its predecessor, the QX6850. Reading through the many reviews that have been published shows that the the QX9650 is now the fastest CPU in Intel's lineup (not for long, though). For a quick taste, TechReport, VR-Zone and The Inquirer are among many to test such chip.

Nvidia’s 8800 GT officially launched

Today is a huge day folks. Not only have we witnessed the release of Intel's QX9650 Yorkfield CPU, but the debut of potentially one of Nvidia's best all-round boards has finally arrived. As you no doubt already know, the G92-powered 8800 GT is clocked at 600/900MHz - while the shaders operate at 1500Mhz. The 65nm G92 die, which measures 17.5x18mm, accompanies the board's 256-bit memory bus, 16 ROPs, and PCIe 2.0 compatibility.

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