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Archive for January 16th, 2021

Apple limits iPhone sales to two-per-customer

Previously available in five-per-customer quantities, Apple's iPhone is now only available in two-per-customer packages - and shops are advised to no longer accept cash for payments. The previous five-per-customer scheme reportedly tempted hackers to buy in bulk, and resell them once unlocked.

AMD’s 770 chipset logo revealed

Formerly known under the RS780 moniker, the 770 is essentially a budget version of the 790 FX. Although support for one PCIe 2.0 slot remains, it does away with Crossfire support altogether. Chilehardware has today found the official logo for the upcoming chip. As already seen on the Phenom and Barcelona logos, the badge follows AMD’s new glossy design.

AMD’s 790 FX chipset hits 510Mhz FSB!

With next month's launch brewing, AMD's Spider platform is slowly shaping up to be a winner - especially now that the 790 FX chipset has been proven a worthy competitor to Intel. An MSI rep has reportedly pushed an X2 6400+ based system with a 790 FX chipset to a 510MHz FSB. While this is more commonly achievable on a Core 2 setup, it's nothing short of outstanding for an AMD based system.

Sparkle unveil 8600 GTS with LCD screen

Sparkle’s latest addition to the Calibre graphics card series isn’t your everyday 8600 GTS. Yes, it’s shaders have been bumped to 1512MHz (1450 MHz stock). But you weren’t expecting this: an in-built LCD display. The screen, or rather GDP2 daughter, displays real-time GPU temperature, voltage, fan speed, and includes warning functions. The board’s price and release date is yet to be announced.

ForceWare 169.01 beta released for Crysis demo

Simultaneously launched with the debut of the Crysis demo, ForceWare 169.01 beta has just rolled out the green door. Along with all the usual OS’s, the drivers support GeForce 6, 7 and 8-series boards. As always, there is a handful of game and application compatibility fixes, also. The drivers are available here and weigh in at 37.5 MB.

Crysis demo released: on nZone and Fileshack!

After many delays, the demo for the most anticipated game of the year, Crysis (duh!), has been released. The demo did arrive later than originally intended, though. It appears that peeps who pre-ordered the game from EA store got an advanced copy hours before the public release. Nevertheless, it's here, and that's all that matters. Happy Gaming!

OCZ acquires Hypersonic PC

Joining PC Power & Cooling - Hypersonic PC is the latest victim to fall into the OCZ Technology Group. Since entering the market in 1996, Hypersonic PC offer pre-built systems ranging from gaming setups to laptops. Eyal Akler, CEO of Hypersonic, believes that OCZ will use their "vast capabilities to further improve the quality and service of the Hypersonic brand."

Gigabyte, MSI 8800 GT pictured

With the samples now in the hands of reviewers, various photos are starting to appear online of the retail 8800 GT. Gigabyte's is the first of the boards, and like many, is identical to the reference - meaning 600/900MHz clocks. MSI's board is also a disguised reference with various stickers. With the majority of the reviews released on Monday, we'll see if the board can maintain its already achieved high results...

Q&A with Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli…

The folks over at Shacknews have published an interview with Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli. Yerli claimed that "we are not really concerned" that the game's beefy requirements will put off buyers. He goes on to recommending quad-core CPU's for the game, and believes that for low-end systems, "the CPU, then GPU, then memory" will be the order of priority for upgrading.

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