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Archive for February 27th, 2021

790FX and 770 boards from Asus and DFI pictured

As the November launch draws nearer, an array of boards are starting to appear online that include AMD’s 790FX (RD790) and 770 chipsets. Today, DFI’s upcoming 790FX boards, the UT 790FX-M2R and UT 790FX-M2RV, have appeared online. While, Asus has revealed three new boards that fall into to M3A series.

Intel ‘Eaglelake’ arriving Q2, ’08

According to DigiTimes, citing sources at motherboard makers, Intel's Eaglelake series chipsets will start to appear in the second and third quarter of 2008. The chip will first arrive in the form of the G45 and P45. Along with ICH10 southbridges, the 65nm Eaglelake-G series will adopt a similar naming scheme to Bearlake; meaning that the G45 has integrated graphics (GMA X4500), while the P45 doesn't.

nForce 780i SLI reviewed – falls short of expectations

The same site that published the first 8800 GT review has now gotten hold of the upcoming 780i SLI chipset. In the majority of benchmarks, the chip falls short of the competition (X38, P35, 680i). As Fudzilla report though, the chip is an "interim solution" until the C73 is launched, which adds support for DDR3 and 1,600MHz FSB's.

First GeForce 8800 GT review – tops 2900 XT, 8800 GTS

With the days till launch now countable on your fingers, Expreview.com (distorted in FireFox) have published the first 8800 GT review. Generally speaking, the GT performed higher than the 2900 XT and 8800 GTS. The exciting part is that it was only just trailing the GTX – the difference in 3Dmark 06 (1280×1024) was only 300 points. This continues in Bioshock, with a 1-3 FPS difference.

Gigabyte X48-DQ6 and X48T-DQ6 pixelized

While the X38 is yet to arrive in the hands of consumers, everybody's attention has already turned to the X48. Turkish site Donanimhaber.com have today scored a few pictures of two of Gigabytes X48 boards: the X48-DQ6 and X48T-DQ6. The first board pictured only supports DDR2, while the X48T-DQ6 adds support for DDR3, along with the X48's 1600MHz FSB's.

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