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Archive for January 16th, 2021

Western Digital demonstrates highest HDD density

Following on from Hitatchi's new drive head technology that will enable 4TB drives in 2011, Western Digital has broken the record for the highest density in a HDD. Revealed this week during the Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Conference in Tokyo, the drive boasted 520 gigabits per square inch. The company noted that HDD's are likely to reach 3TB in 2011, with 640GB platters.

MSI’s September graphics-card shipments reach historical high

Joseph Hsu, president of MSI, has revealed that the company's September graphics-card shipments have reached a historical high within the company. As DigiTimes report, the company shipped 1.3-1.4 million units, and for the first time, passed Asustek's shipments. Aside from the record, MSI said the month's demand was low, and expect shipments to "hold level or slightly increase" in October.

Futurmark release PCMark Vantage

Futurmark's latest benchmark utility is a subset of the highly-popular PCMark series. Dubbed Vantage, the free software is primarily intended for Vista users. While the benchmarks are explored below, the program incorporates tests including CPU/GPU image manipulation, HD video playback, Vista start-up times and video transcoding.

Foxconn eager for 8800GT’s launch – leaks product page

The folks over at Foxconn have uploaded the 8800GT’s product page, spilling (or rather confirming) all of the board’s details. Of course, the page has now been removed, although a screenshot is handy at HARDSPELL. The page confirmed that the board operates at 600/900MHz, and includes a 256-bit bus. Although for some unknown reason, the site listed that the board features the G96 GPU – not the G92.

AMD lose $396 million in Q3: revenue up 18%

Following on from Intel's recently released revenue, AMD has now made it public that the company's current revenue sits at $1.632 billion. While that figure remains one tenth of Intel's earnings, the revenue is up 18% from Q2, and 23% for the year. Although, AMD's net income has taken a beating, and for the fourth consecutive quarter is significantly down. It's currently $396 million - $2.181 billion lower than this time last year...

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