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Archive for January 16th, 2021

CoolIT Systems offer up to 30% discount on trade-in

CoolIT Systems has announced that on trade-in, consumers can receive up to a 30% discount on any of CoolIT’s CPU coolers. Accepted trade-ins aren’t just limited to past CoolIT products, either. The company will be accepting any cooler – “no matter how old, no matter how functional.”

OCZ announce new “Titanium-series” DDR2 modules

OCZ Technology has today unveiled two new additions to their Titanium-series memory lineup. Both operating at 800MHz (PC2-6400), the CL3 edition comes in 2GB kits that boasts 3-4-4-15 timings, while the 4GB edition offers 4-4-4-15 latencies. Both modules are "100% hand-tested for quality assurance and compatibility" and along with a lifetime warranty, feature OCZ's XTC heatspreaders.

Hitatchi aims for 4TB HDD’s in 2011

Hitachi, the company that marketed the first perpendicular drive, and broke the 1TB barrier, has now revealed that a new head technology will allow 4TB (4,000 GB) drives in 2011. The smaller head is said to house 500 gigabits per square inch, compared to today's 200...

Dual-core Phenom’s are now branded Athlon

We already knew that the quads will be included in the Phenom 9-series, the triple-core Toliman cores will be branded Phenom 7-series, and the enthusiast chips will carry the Phenom FX branding. Although, it turns out that the dual-core chips won’t carry the Phenom branding after all – instead the Athlon moniker will be given new life through the dual-core “Athlon 6-series.”

Fugger returns to IDF: QX9770 at 5.8 GHz

If your memory is in tune, you’ll remember back to the Intel Developer Forum in the USA where Fugger was invited on stage and, with a QX9650, broke seven world records. Well, he’s returned to IDF Taiwan, and this time he’s pushed his new QX9770 to 5.8 GHz (3.2GHz stock) and broken the SuperPi record. Busted on stage, the new 1MB record is 8.017 seconds…

Intel planning QX9775 for Skulltrail platforms

If you don't intend on breaking a world-record, then this doesn't really relate to you. According to DigiTimes, Intel is preparing their quad-core Core 2 Extreme QX9775 for launch in Q1 '08. The site note that the 1600MHz FSB chip operates at 3.2GHz, supports socket 771, and will cost around US$1,499.

Intel records record Q3 revenue – $10.1 billion USD

Intel has released their revenue for the third quarter of this year. Intel's current revenue stands at $10.1 billion, 12% higher than this time last year. The company's operating income is also rather high at $2.2 billion, this time a 64% increase. Intel's gross margin is currently 52.4%, compared to Q2's 46.9%.

RV670 to power Radeon 3800 series?

Formerly known as the HD 2950 Pro, the RV670 has been subject to recurrent speculation for weeks now. According to a leaked product page by an employee from GeCube (well, possibly a former employee now), the RV670PRO will be known as Radeon HD 3850 while the RV670XT will be known as Radeon HD 3870. The classic PRO, XT, GT and XTX suffixes won't appear on the boards, though.

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