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Archive for January 16th, 2021

Intel displays 45nm mobile quad-core

During IDF Taiwan, Mooly Eden, vice president of Intel's mobile platforms group, demonstrated the first working quad-core mobile Penryn part. To be included in the Montevina platform, the chip consumes 45w and contains 840 million transistors. While the chip only arrived from the fab three days ago, it reportedly ran Enemy Territory: Quake Wars "throughout the keynote seemingly without a hitch."

Intel Yorkfield hits 6GHz – 500Mhz FSB

Intel’s Yorkfield has already busted every record imaginable, and numerous times at that. Overclocker Shamino has now pushed his quad-core Yorkfield to 6009MHz (500×12). On Foxconn’s Mars Quantum Force board, which includes the P35 chipset, the system’s FSB was effectively 2000MHz, and was cooled with LN2 (as you’ve no doubt guessed).

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