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Archive for January 16th, 2021

Call of Duty 4 PC / Unreal Tournament 3 beta demo

If you head over to FileShack you’ll find the newly added Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC demo, and the Unreal Tournament 3 beta. The COD4 demo weighs 1.37GB and includes one level from the singleplayer campaign. The UT3 beta demo includes three levels: VCTF-Suspense, DM-Heatray and DM-ShangriLA – and weighs 741MB.

Windows XP SP3 beta in the wild

As the last major update to XP draws nearer, Microsoft has released the beta to a small selected group of testers. According to NeoSmart, SP3 will include 1,073 patches and hotfixes - 140 are security-related. Although that's not all. SP3 will also bring four new features to XP, most of them from Vista...

Catalyst 7.10 released: 80% better CrossFire performance

Known as "Shoot 'em up," AMD promised huge performance gains though Catalyst 7.10, and it seems that the promise has now been met. Aimed at CrossFire systems with DX10, performance improvements hit 80% in Company of Heroes, while Bioshock improves 70%. You can grab the drivers here for all the usual OS's - or read the release notes.

Intel’s X38 chipset launched

Intel has finally pulled the wraps off the flagship product of their Bearlake series chipsets, the X38. First introduced in the form of the P35 and G33, Bearlake brought support for PCI Express 2.0, DDR3 and 1333MHz FSB's. Below you'll find some early reviews and pre-announced boards...

AMD cooking up three/four-way CrossFire, also?

We’ve already seen four-way crossfire operating at Computex, although it now appears that AMD is preparing three/four-way Crossfire for retail. While any information is slim, VR-Zone (who else!) have gathered the certification logos and some performance numbers. The site suggest that three-way setups will offer 2.6 times the performance of a single card, while four-way will offer around 3 times the performance…

GeForce 8800 GTX, Ultra prime suspects for three-way SLI

According to a report by Expreview (via TweakTown), Nvidia's 8800 GTX and Ultra will be the only boards capable of running three-way SLI - that's providing you have a 680i or 780i SLI chipset, three PCI Express x16 slots, and a new three-way SLI bridge. The setup relies on the dual SLI connectors on the top of the GTX and Ultra boards, hence why the GTS isn't supported.

AMD: we can change dates too – RV670 on November 15th

With the 8800 GT launch being recently bumped to October 29th, AMD has now reportedly brought the launch of the RV670 forward to November 15th. As VR-Zone report, the retail name of the board should be determined in the coming week (2950 Pro isn’t carved in stone, yet) This all comes at a cost though, as the launch of the 790FX (RD790) and 770 (RX780) chipsets have been delayed to November 20th.

Nvidia’s 8800 GT has 112 shader processors

Many of you (mostly 8800 GTS owners) have been wondering how many shader processors the G92 has, ever since we first heard of such a chip. It has now been confirmed by Nvidia that the 8800 GT will boast 112 shader processors - the same amount as the recently bumped 640MB GTS. The shaders are clocked at 1.5 GHz, and accompany the board's 256-bit GDDR3 memory running at 900MHz.

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