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Archive for January 16th, 2021

AMD’s R680 appears in Catalyst beta drivers

Chilehardware (via VR-Zone) have found that the latest Catalyst beta drivers reveal the R680 GPU. Alongside other GPU’s including the RV620, RV635 and RV670, the R680 appears at the bottom of the list. Unfortunately, there’s very little accurate info available regarding the R680.

Dual GPU “HD 2950 X2X” in the works?

The RV670 GPU is already scheduled to arrive on two HD 2950 Pro boards next month, although according to Fudzilla, the chip will be the heart of yet another board. In Q1 ’08, a “Radeon HD 2950 X2X” will supposedly arrive boasting two RV670 GPU’s, much like the dual HD 2600’s we’ve seen. The board is said to accommodate 640 stream processors and 1GB of GDDR4 memory, twice the amount of the 2950 Pro’s.

Nvidia to discontinue 320MB 8800GTS?

With the launch of the 8800GT brewing, we have known for some time that the 320MB 8800 GTS will become obsolete, especially since the 640MB version has already had a speed bump. While this is unconfirmed, The Inquirer believes that Nvidia will discontinue the 320MB board all in due course...

Functional RV670, RD790, Phenom X4 system demonstrated

AMD's "Spider" platform looks to be well on track for its quarter four release, or at the very least its already up and running. The Inquirer has had the chance to play around with a system set up by AMD and Sapphire. The internals consisted of two RV670 boards (most likely 2950Pro's), a Sapphire RD790 board and a Phenom X4 CPU.

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