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Archive for February 27th, 2021

New RivaTuner enables independent shader overclocking

The latest version of RivaTuner (2.05) has turned out to be a must-have download. Alongside support for R600-based cards, it adds support for ForceWare 163.69 and 163.71 drivers. If you own a GeForce 8-series board, this release also adds an independent slider for adjusting shader clocks, regardless of GPU or memory speed.

8800 GTS 640MB scheduled for a speed bump

An image from the same site that leaked the first GeForce 8800 GT images, has now revealed that the 640MB 8800GTS will receive a speed bump to widen the performance gap between it, and the 8800 GT. The image reveals that the shader processors will be bumped from 96, to 112. The boards 500MHz core clock and 800MHz memory speed will remain untouched, though.

Nvidia’s 8800GT pixelized: arriving October 29

While the 8800GT remains an unofficial product, the board does indeed exist. According to VR-Zone, the G92 core will be clocked at 600MHz, while the memory will operate at 900MHz. The board will be available in 256 or 512 MB flavors, and reportedly score 10,769 in 3Dmark 06. Newly released pictures from Mobile01.com confirm that the new GT is nine inches long, and single-slot.

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