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Archive for February 27th, 2021

Uberclok release affordable overclocked gaming rigs

Recently, overclocked PC's have been a small subset of vendors product lines, and customers often have had to pay huge premiums for them. Why not take the advantages of faster, more powerful computers that overclocking provides, and offer it at an affordable price? ?berclok has today done so with two high-end gaming rigs...

65nm ‘Falcon’ CPU hits Xbox 360 Halo 3 bundle

After recently dissecting his console, Xbox Forum member “JWSpeed” has learned that his Halo 3 edition console includes the long-awaited 65nm ‘Falcon’ CPU. The new CPU is said to address the console’s overheating woes, although the new heatsink is smaller and lacks any heatpipes. For reference, his console was manufactured on August 24, 2007.

Existing Core 2 Duo days are numbered – extinct Jan. ’08

According to a leaked report, quoted by TechARP, Intel will discontinue six Core 2 processors; E6700, E6600, E6300, E6420 and E6320, in January next year, along with the X6800 in November. Processors to be discontinued this November include the QX6700, along with four Pentium D and three Pentium 4 chips in October. The E6400 and E4300 will also reach EOL sometime in the near future, although the date is unknown.

ForceWare 163.71 now available: XP supported

Last month when Nvidia released ForceWare 163.69, they seemed to have forgotten that the majority of users are still on XP. Today, the company have rolled out ForceWare 163.71 intended for deprived XP users. Among the release notes, Nvidia has enabled PureVideo HD acceleration for GeForce 8400, 8500 and 8600-series cards.

Nvidia’s nForce 780i SLI inbound November 12?

If TechConnect Magazine have their facts right, Nvidia's 780i SLI chipset is scheduled for launch on November 12. Alongside support for Intel's 45mn Yorkfield and Wolfdale processors, the 780i will support 1066MHz and 1333MHz FSB's, and three PCI-E 2.0 x16 slots ready for Tri-SLI. Unfortunately, DDR3 support won't arrive until January.

Intel prepares first X48 board for Q1, ’08

The yet-to-be-announced X48 chipset is essentially a cherry picked X38, resulting in improved overclockability. According to VR-Zone, Intel is preparing a refresh to their DX38BT board, sporting the X48 chipset. The board will most likely carry the DX48BT or DX38BT2 name, with availability slated for quarter one. Intel’s X48 support 1600MHz FSB’s, also.

HD 2950 (RV670) to launch on November 19?

We've already seen an array of pictures of such a board, and toyed with some early specs. Today Digitimes, citing unnamed sources at graphics card manufacturers, are reporting that the HD 2950 Pro will arrive on November 19, with 1.5 million chips being produced in the first week of November. The site confirm the board's specs, and noted that the board will adopt 320 stream processors, like the 2900 XT.

Club 3D announce first HD 2900 GT

The last of the R600-based boards has finally arrived. The Club 3D HD 2900 GT is what looks to be a reference board with an 8-pin PCI Express power connector. The board’s core is clocked at 600MHz, while it’s 256MB of GDDR3 memory operates at 1600 MHz on a 256-bit bus. As we mentioned here, the board has 240 stream processors and will perform slightly less than the 2900 Pro.

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