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Radeon HD 2900 GT coming in short supply on Oct. 8

Posted September 29, 2007 by admin in News

AMD plans to launch Radeon HD 2900 GT on October 8th at US$199 while HD 2900 Pro continues to be in limited supply at US$249. The existence of these 2 cards are just to get rid of the R600 stock that didn’t attained XT speeds before RV670 comes along in November. However, HD 2900 XT, GT and Pro will reach EOL by end of October so the lifespan of the two new cards is really short. Radeon HD 2900GT will sport only 240 stream processors instead of 320 and a 256-bit memory interface instead of 512-bit for the 2900 Pro. HD 2900 GT card uses 256MB of GDDR3 memories while 2900 Pro card is able to use 512MB to 1GB of GDDR3/4 memories. Both cards are clocked at 600MHz core and 1.6GHz for the memories.


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