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Intel V8 head to head against AMD’s 4X4 platform

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Posted September 1, 2007 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Well for gaming and moderate workstation use the AMD 4X4 gets my vote as the better system platform for the following reasons; It boots very fast, its very stable, it works well with SLI and has a price tag that is way under the Intel V8. If you are someone in the media business, an at home artist or use heavy 3D laden programs like 3Ds MAX, AutoCAD and Softimage, the V8 is better at its multithreading process and provides better performance in those type of applications. Also if you want an excellent server platform the V8 is the better choice. The V8 platform also has no SLI or CrossFire support and can only use one VGA card, so for extreme gaming, it leaves a bit to be desired. Also the V8 costs almost $2000.00 more now than the 4X4.

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