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Early Halo 3 buyers inundated with scratched discs

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Posted September 25, 2007 by admin in Gaming

I picked up 2 collectors tins today at work, and they both felt like the disc came loose in them. This is a horrible sign,? said one store employee. The same conditions may also apply to the game in other territories. ?I saw a few PAL copies yesterday ? and they were all the same. Every LE had two loose discs in the box, both badly scratched. The one we tested seemed to play ok but they’re getting sent back as faulty anyway. It’s not like they could be sold in that condition,? reported another store worker from overseas. So far, reports of scratched discs apply only to the $69.99 Limited Edition, but not to the $59.99 Standard Edition or the $129.99 Legendary Edition.

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