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Archive for January 16th, 2021

Halo 3 pays off $170 million on day one: overloading Xbox Live

A press release issued by Microsoft has indicated that on launch day, Halo 3 sold $170 million worth of copies. Microsoft added that the launch success was helped by the wide availability of the title. On a related note, the Xbox Live system is supposedly being pushed to its limits. Users have reportedly experienced inaccurate game stats, performance slowdown, inability to access friend lists, and an inability to perform system updates.

First GeForce 7-series IGP boards arrive

Hot on the heels of the announcement regarding Nvidia’s new GeForce 7-series integrated graphics lineup, the first boards featuring such GPU’s are starting to appear. So far, EVGA, BIOSTAR and ECS have announced boards featuring the 7150, 7100, and 7050 GPU’s. All boards support 1333MHz FSB’s, DirectX 9.0c and HDCP.

Apple update to kill unlocked iPhones

Recently an array of software has been released to free the iPhone from its AT&T woes. Apple has now made it clear that a future software update will result in unlocked iPhones "becoming permanently inoperable," and then noted that warranties will be void if such software is installed. Apple said that the hacks have "caused damage to the iPhone software," although many debate the claim...

Intel Penryn prices revealed: mobile, quad and dual core

TechConnect Magazine has revealed the prices and relative specs of Intel's 45nm Penryn parts. The site suggest that Intel's lineup will consist of four dual, and four quad-core parts. Five mobile parts will also be launched early next year, thanks to VR-Zone for the tip.

AMD RV670-XTX board pixelized

A member of the Coolaler.com forums has scored a few pictures of an MSI board featuring the RV670-XTX GPU. The board has a single-slot cooler and seems to be the size of the 2900 XT. The site note that the 55nm RV670-XTX packs 320 stream processors and features Shader Model 4.1 capabilities. The board has 256MB of Hynix GDDR3 memory operating at 900MHz, and a core clock of 600MHz.

Nvidia prepares next-gen chipsets for November

Nvidia is apparently set to release a new lineup of chipsets in November, for both Intel and AMD platforms. The Intel lineup will be marketed as the nForce 780i SLI and 750i SLI, while the AMD family will be dubbed nForce 780a SLI and 750a SLI. Highlights of the 780 series include three PCIe x16 Gen2 slots, while the 750 lineup only support two PCIe x16 Gen2 slots with eight-lane signalling.

AMD release their dark side: X2 5000+ “Black Edition”

It's honestly quite good to see AMD back in the news, what with Intel's developer forum dominating headlines last week. Today, AMD has unveiled the second processor to be labeled "Black Edition," namely the X2 5000+. As we reported two days ago, the chip is clocked at 2.6GHz, although it's in fact 65nm, not 90nm. The chip has a thermal rating of 65w and 1MB of L2 cache, also.

Another HD 2900 Pro review – this time in english

Following on from the world's first review of the HD 2900 Pro, TweakTown are helping the bandwagon gain momentum, publishing their evaluation of the same HIS 2900 Pro. The board looks identical to the XT, and honestly, is virtually identical, apart from the clocks. In the majority of tests, the board is just trailing the XT, while maintaining a steady lead over the 8800GTS.

AMD officially announces HD 2900 Pro

Partners including HIS, Sapphire and GeCube may have already spoiled the surprise, but nevertheless, AMD has still officially announced the Radeon HD 2900 Pro. The card will be launched in GDDR3 512MB and GDDR4 1GB versions, both featuring 320 stream processors and a 512-bit memory bus. Memory clocks are 800MHz for both boards, while core clocks are 600MHz/742MHz, respectively.

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