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Archive for January 16th, 2021

Report: new iPod nano is immensely overpriced

According to figures from iSuppli, quoted by BusinessWeek, Apple's new iPod nano systems are immensely overpriced. iSuppli estimates that the parts used in the unit cost Apple $58.85 for the 4GB $149 model, and $82.85 for the 8GB $199 version. Before you get angry, it's worth noting that the figures don't represent software development, packaging, final assembly, and distribution costs.

Unlocked AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ in the works

A Canadian reader of NordicHardware has pointed them in the direction of a shop listing an unlocked Athlon X2 5000+. The CPU is clocked at 2.6GHz, and the site suggest that it includes AMD’s 90nm Windsor core, but doesn’t include a HSF. Apparently, the 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition is hand picked, also.

Halo 3: reviews from around the net

Today marks the launch of undoubtedly the most anticipated game of the year (with the exception of Crysis, of course). The third installment of the huge Halo series is set to impress, and going by its early reviews, lives up to its expectations. For your reading pleasure, we've gathered a handful of early Halo 3 reviews...

First HIS HD 2900 Pro review online

So far, only a few AIB's have announced HD 2900 Pro boards, the first being HIS. Polish hardware site PCLab (via TCMag), have luckily gotten hold of a sample and, well, reviewed it. The site confirms the board's specs, and shows it to be a good competitor to the 320MB 8800GTS. With default clocks (600MHz/1600MHz), the board scored 9579 points in 3DMark06.

Nvidia set to shift GeForce 7-series to chipsets

Today, Nvidia is supposedly going to announce a new family of core-logic chipsets with integrated graphics cores for Intel processors. The GeForce 7150, 7100 and 7050 chips all support Intel's 1333MHz FSB processors, including the forthcoming Penryn. Aside from HDMI support, the chips still support PCI-E, offering users the chance to upgrade to a more powerful add-in graphics card.

PC makers can now offer a Vista “downgrade” option

If you're unhappy with your copy of Vista Ultimate or Business, today's your day. Microsoft has allowed system builders the option to include a "downgrade" option with their systems. Unfortunately for some, the home versions of Vista don't qualify for the downgrade, though.

Folding@Home project surpasses a petaflop

For those unaware, the Folding@Home project makes use of unused CPU cycles to simulate protein folding, and hopefully one day, find a cure for many diseases and certain types of cancer. Thanks to the participation of many, the project has broken the petaflop mark, or one quadrillion floating point operations per second. It's believed that the mark would have taken another decade without the help of the PS3's Broadband processor.

Early Halo 3 buyers inundated with scratched discs

An early consumer of the Halo 3 Limited Edition bundle was horrified to discover that in each of his three copies of the game, the disc was "loose inside of the package and scratched to death." Apparently, the center hubs are too shallow to efficiently hold the DVDs in place. A worker at a game store also claimed that roughly 20% of stock suffered from loose disc syndrome...

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