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Archive for January 16th, 2021

Intel demonstrate first working 32nm chip

During this year's Intel Developer Forum, Intel have revealed the first working 32nm chip, in the form of a 300mm wafer compiled of 291Mbit SRAM chips. Intel plans to begin production of their 32nm processors in 2009 with Westmere, the successor of Nehalem. The wafer demonstrated is capable of housing more than 1.9 billion transistors, the company noted.

Intel Nehalem operating with 8 cores, 16 threads

During his keynote speech at the Intel Developer Forum, Intel CEO Paul Otellini, has revealed that the company's next generation architecture, Nehalem, is on track for its release late next year. While displaying a Nehalem wafer, he added that it will be comprised of 731 million transistors.

Intel’s Penryn to arrive on November 12

Forget the November 11 launch date, turns out that that Intel?s reseller web page was accidentally leaked. It’s now believed that Intel’s first Penryn-based CPU’s will arrive on the 12th of November. Launch speeds for the quad-core Xeon models range from 2.0GHz to 3.16GHz, while the dual-core variants commence at 1.86GHz and conclude at 3.33 GHz.

Intel’s Yorkfield breaks seven world records

Charles Wirth, owner of XtremeSystems.org, was invited onto the stage during Otellini's keynote this morning to burn some silicon. Apparently, he had already busted four records backstage, and in just over two minutes, he broke another three on stage. His system comprised a quad-core Yorkfield CPU, an unmodified X38 board, a GeForce 8800 Ultra and some Corsair Dominator DDR3 memory.

“SuperSpeed” USB 3.0 offers 4.8 Gbits/s

Although this is completely unrelated to processors, I'm afraid it's still connected to the Intel Developer Forum (IDF). At IDF the "SuperSpeed" USB Promotions Group was announced. Expected to finalize the USB 3.0 spec over the next year, the "early" information implies a 10X boost in transfer rate over USB 2.0. Expect broad deployment by 2010, with initial devices available in '09.

Akasa announce ‘Revo’ thermodynamic cooler

Akasa's latest cooling product is the "Revo" (short for Revolution). Whether it's a big enough rebellion to overthrow the market remains to be seen as the majority of these ideas flip flop. According to Adrian Young, Marketing Director of Akasa, "It?s quieter than heatpipe coolers, cooler than conventional heatsinks, and easier to fit... than watercoolers. This technology could revolutionize CPU cooling."

Xbox 360 sales double PS3’s in August

NPD Group's August console sales data reveal that the Wii and DS are still dominating selling 403,600 and 383,000 units respectively. Microsoft's Xbox 360 has had a sales surge selling 276,000 units ? a considerable jump from July?s 170,000. On the other hand, Sony's PS3 only managed to sell 130,600 units.

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