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Archive for December 2nd, 2021

Google set to launch new satellite: improve Google Earth

DigitalGlobe, the company behind the imagery on Google Earth, are set to launch a new high-resolution satellite sometime today. Along with the Quickbird satellite, it will be capable of collecting over 600,000 square kilometers of imagery each day, a number that previously took a week.

Intel to postpone new naming scheme

Last month we heard rumors that Intel planned on simplifying their processor naming scheme. To be effective Q1 08, the change simplified Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors to just Core 2, among other changes to the line-up. Today, DigiTimes are reporting that due to "protests from the market," the new naming scheme will be put on hold.

Pre-order HD 2900Pro on OCUK: shipping Sept. 30

We've already seen a 2900Pro from HIS, and now it seems that GeCube, Sapphire and Hightech are preparing their version of the board. British e-tailer Overclockers UK lists an interesting board from Sapphire with 1GB of memory, along with a reference 512MB board from Hightech. The site notes that the shipping date is the 30th of September.

AMD confirm addition of three-core Phenom’s

AMD has confirmed that they are developing a triple core Phenom processor. The "Toliman" core, to be released during the first quarter of 2008, is essentially a quad-core Phenom with one core disabled. AMD's roadmap also revealed a second "Heka" triple-core processor in 2009, plus a next-gen "Regor" dual-core chip in 2009, also.

Intel acquire physics mob Havok

Intel has today signed a definitive agreement to purchase Irish firm Havok. Havok are best known for their physics programming existent in games including Halo 2, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and BioShock. Havok CEO David O'Meara noted that the acquisition will present "Havok with opportunities to grow more quickly."

New iPods exclusively locked to iTunes

Apple's newly released iPod line aren't all they're cracked up to be. Apparently, Apple managed to sneak in some nasty code that locks the new iPods to only work with their iTunes software. Locking iPods to iTunes doesn't only inhibit other media players from handling content, but removes Linux support from the picture completely.

HIS unveil first HD 2900Pro 512MB

The existence of a HD 2900Pro from AMD has been a widely believed rumor for months - with the existence of the card confirmed through Beta drivers. The board's specifications provided by HIS reveal that the only difference between it, and the higher 'XT' counterpart, is the card's clocks - 600MHz/1600MHz compared to the XT's 740MHz/825MHz.

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