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Archive for January 16th, 2021

Apple’s iPod Nano, Classic dissected

iFixit.com, via AppleInsider, have published two pictorials showing the insides of Apple's newly released iPod Nano and Classic. The team found a certain fixation towards strong adhesive throughout the units, as well as discovering that the Classic is around seventy percent as thick as the older video units.

Nvidia to scrap “Designed by NVIDIA” scheme

Drew Henry, general manager of MCP business at Nvidia, has put an end to the speculation of Nvidia breaking into the motherboard market with their own "Designed by NVIDIA" scheme.

iPhone sales reach one million: unlocking software available

Apple has announced that over one million iPhone's have been sold within the first 74 days of sale - a milestone that took the iPod nearly two years. On a separate note, hackers have got past the phone's AT&T exclusiveness and released free software to run the phone on any GSM network.

BioShock sequel in the works: 1.5m copies shipped

Take-Two chairman, Strauss Zelnick, has revealed at an analyst conference call that they plan on developing BioShock into an ongoing franchise with "roughly an every-two-year schedule." With the demo already being the quickest to hit one million downloads on the Xbox Live Marketplace, over 1.5 million packages have already shipped worldwide.

64GB SSD’s now shipping in Dell, Alienware notebooks

Earlier in the year, Dell shipped a selection of their notebooks with dual/single 32GB SSD's. Today, the company has announced that they intend on including a 64GB Samsung SSD in their XPS M1330, while Alienware offer the choice of the same drive in either single or dual-drive configurations in their Area 51 m9750.

Crysis multiplayer demo available for paid FilePlanet users

Paid subscribers of FilePlanet are free to download the multiplayer demo of Crysis. On a first-in, first-served basis, FilePlanet has already released the first batch of product-keys – with three more “coming soon.” The single-player demo is due on September 25, while the full package will be out sometime in November.

Triple layer HD DVD gets the thumbs up

The DVD forum, responsible for approving the DVD and HD DVD standard, has approved a triple layer HD DVD submitted by Toshiba in April. The 51GB disc currently boasts a 1GB advantage over Blu-Ray's dual layer variant. It's still unclear whether today's HD DVD players will read the new media though.

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