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Archive for January 16th, 2021

Asus P5E3 Deluxe sets new memory bandwidth record

The folks over at Nordic have been playing around with an X38 equipped Asus P5E3 Deluxe. With a QX6850 @ 4.3GHz, the system has already scored 11.578 seconds in SuperPI. When upping the CPU to 4.4GHz and running the DDR3 Dominator memory at 2GHz - they've set a new memory bandwidth record of 13,425 MB/s.

ECS RX780 and Abit X38 boards pixelized

TweakTown has been out and about with the camera and have found some boards from Abit featuring Intel's X38 chipset, along with an ECS board including the cut down version of the RD790 chipset, the RX780.

Apple’s “Touch” moniker heading for a lawsuit

It would appear that Apple may be heading straight for another lawsuit, this time over the "Touch" suffix that appeared on their latest iPod. The latest iPod features the same name as one of HTC's Smartphones, which are viewed as a rival to Apple's iPhone.

PCI-E Ageia PhysX board pixelated

Some information and pictures have appeared revealing that Ageia is currently testing their PCI-E PhysX boards. As X-bit Labs reports, the new board is designed for PCI Express x8/x16 slots, has an external power connector and the PPU resembles Intel?s first dual-core Smithfield processors.

Firefox eclipses 400 million downloads

Since launch in late 2004, Mozilla's free Firefox browser has continued to have its impact on Internet Explorer's market share. Today, downloads have surpassed the 400 million mark- a huge milestone since the 100 million barrier, which was broken nearly two years ago.

Seagate announce 1TB encrypted hard drive

Seagate have announced a new 1TB drive featuring the encryption technology they introduced with their Momentus 5400.2 FDE mobile drive a year ago. Although this isn't the first 1TB drive from Seagate, it's the first desktop drive to feature such encryption.

G92 reference is 9-inches long: G98 to replace 8400GS?

VR-Zone has uncovered some more plausible info regarding Nvidia's next-gen GPU's. Apparently, the the G92 reference board is to be nine inches long, the same as the reference 8800 GTS. The site also believe that the lower-end G98 will replace the 8400GS and counter the RV620, which shares a 64-bit memory bus.

nForce 680i can run CrossFire

The first piece of machinery to come out of HP?s acquisition of Voodoo is the Blackbird 002. Aside from the watercooling and other fancy features, the system will support both SLI and CrossFire while using the one untouched nForce 680i chipset.

AMD to webcast Barcelona launch later today

AMD has announced that they intend on web casting the "most anticipated premiere event," or in English, the launch of Barcelona. The web cast can be accessed here and will commence at approximately 6:30 pm Pacific Time (9:30 pm EST). A replay will also be available for the next ten days.

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