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Archive for January 16th, 2021

AMD’s Henri Richard now at Freescale

Henri Richard left AMD last month as their chief sales and marketing officer. Since then, many have wondered where he would go and what he would do. It now appears that he has adopted the senior vice president and chief sales and marketing officer position at Freescale Semiconductor.

MSI launch HD 2600 Pro for AGP

MSI's RX2600PRO is the first of many AGP based boards from AMD to come. Apart from the PCIe to AGP bridge chip, MSI's board is just a regular 2600 Pro with a 600 MHz core and 800 MHz GDDR2 memory, along with support for HDCP and a completely passive heatpipe cooling system.

Asus announce Silent Knight II CPU cooler

Asus have introduced the market to the successor of their Silent Knight cooler. The Silent Knight II is aimed at the quad-core user and features a 100% all-copper design for its fins, base and six heat pipes, as well as a 92mm fan which operates at 2,300RPM.

More Nvidia G92 and G98 rumours appear

Chinese hardware site Hardspell.com have published what they believe to be the specifications of Nvidia's upcoming G82 and G98 cores. Apparently, G92 will sport 64 stream processors, a 256-bit memory bus, a 740 MHz core clock and 1.8 GHz GDDR3 memory.

ASUS R.O.G Maximus Formula preview

Some pictures of ASUS’s latest ‘Republic of Gamers’ motherboard, known as the Maximus Formula, have appeared online. The board apparently features Intel’s X38 chipset, supports DDR2-1066 SDRAM and has two x16 PCIe slots. Prices are said to be around roughly $370 (USD).

Intel prepares Tigerton Xeons: early pics leaked

The Xeon 7300 chips, called Tigerton, are the first quad-core processors from Intel designed to be used in servers with four or more processors. Tigerton will initially come in six flavors, with the flagship 7350 featuring a 2.93GHz core, 8MB Cache and a 130W TDP.

AMD to redefine commitment to Linux through Catalyst 7.9

It's no secret that AMD have a bad reputation when it comes to driver support for Linux, although today AMD has announced that they plan on changing their ways. According to AMD, Catalyst 7.9 will "deliver the most significant enhancements for ATI Radeon graphics ever for Linux."

Apple unveil new iPod line-up – new Touch, Classic and Nano

Just as we expected, Apple have unveiled their new iPod series. The new iPod Classic, Nano and Touch all feature the rumoured wide-screen display and iPhone like interface, as well as improved battery life. The Classic will boast 80GB/160GB of storage, while the Nano will feature 4GB/8GB.

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