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Archive for January 16th, 2021

Nvidia board shortages inbound

According to several Nvidia partners, almost the whole of Nvidia's 8-series cards are on back order. Apparently, TSMC didn't produce enough chips in June and July to satisfy the high demand triggered by the back to school period.

Asus X38 shipments may face delays: Gigabyte on track

DigiTimes is reporting that Gigabyte could possibly beat Asus in shipping their first X38 equipped boards. While both companies intended to ship boards later this month, Asus may have to delay shipments for roughly two weeks due to "revisions to its design."

Asus announces first socket AM2+ board

Asustek have announced the first AM2+ motherboard, along with releasing a list of existing boards that will support AM2+ CPU's through a BIOS update. The M2A-VM HDMI is the first board built specially for AMD's AM2+ socket.

Early Intel X48 rumours surface

NordicHardware have published an article revealing slight info regarding the successor of Intel's X38 chipset, the X48. While any info is plausible at this stage, the chip will definitely be faster than the X38 and will apparently arrive "a few weeks" after the X38's launch.

Sapphire unveil dual GPU Gemini HD 2600, also

Shortly after GeCube released their dual GPU HD 2600, Sapphire are reportedly set to announce that they also intend on marketing a similar product. Sapphire's entry will adopt most of the common features of GeCube's board, including a similar price and 512MB/1GB versions.

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