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Microsoft confirms HDMI for X360 Premium

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Posted August 13, 2007 by admin in Consoles

As Shacknews reports, “Yes, we are offering an HDMI port for Xbox 360” said a Microsoft representative. “Retailers are gradually introducing HDMI-enabled Xbox 360s into the channel to meet demand.”

We first saw evidence of Microsoft’s plans when a Shacknews member posted pictures of a HDMI enabled console with a manufacturing date of July 4, 2007. The documentation also contained an image of an HDMI enabled console.

Microsoft would not reveal whether any other additions had been made to newly available Xbox 360 models, such as the inclusion of a 65nm process. “We are constantly updating the console’s more than 1700 internal components and therefore will not comment on details of specific components or manufacturing processes,” the rep added.

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