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Archive for March 7th, 2021

AMD RD790 boards tested and pixelized

During the World Cyber Games, TweakTown took some shots of a RD790 board. The Gigabyte MA790-DQ6 based system featured an X2 6400+ and two HD2900XT's. On a similar note, VR-Zone have some CPU-Z pics of a Phenom X4 processor running on an RD790 board.

Acer has eyes on Packard Bell, also

Shortly after Acer announced that they will acquire US-based Gateway, DigiTimes is reporting that Acer chairman JT Wang has announced that the company will also acquire Packard Bell to "strengthen its market position in Europe."

Chinese firm to aquire Seagate – or not…

After various rumours surfaced claiming that a Chinese firm were interested in purchasing Seagate, the company has responded. "Just to be clear, Seagate has not received such an offer, and we are not trying to sell the company." Well, that's good news - for now anyway.

Wii still dominating: PS3 closing in on 360 as Xbox sales fall

NPD group have released the latest game consoles sales figures. As you'd come to expect, the Wii is leading the sales, followed by the PS2. Microsoft's Xbox 360 has lost some ground but remains slightly in front of the PS3's rising sales, in 3rd place.

First RD790 boards available in late September

According to DigiTimes, Asus and Gigabyte will be able to start production of their RD790 boards in early September, while competitors may not be able to launch motherboards until mid October.

AMD’s Agena FX breaks 30,000 in 3Dmark 06?

The Inquirer are claiming that they had the chance to have a tinker inside a K10 system. Apparently, the K10 CPU was clocked at 3.0GHz and along with two HD 2900XT's at 830/900MHz , the system scored a startling 30,031 points in 3Dmark 06.

Crysis demo coming on September 25th

EA and Crytek have revealed that the Crysis demo will be released on the 25th of September, giving us enough playing time before the full version hits retail on November 16. The demo will consist of the entire first level of the Crysis single player campaign, "Contact".

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