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Archive for March 4th, 2021

Intel unveil next-gen vPro platform

Approaching a year and a half since introduction, Intel have refreshed their vPro platform. "Weybridge" exists through the E6550, E6750 and the E6850. The most notable improvements include an 8w TDP, Trusted Execution, Active Management and System Defense filters.

Kinc and Shamino bust 27,000 in 3DMark 06

After being robbed at the Games Convention, veteran overclockers Kinc and Shamino have broken the 3Dmark 06 record. With a pair of HD 2900 XT's @ 1175/950MHz, a QX6850 @ 5119MHz coupled to an ASUS Blitz Extreme motherboard, their system scored 27,039 points.

MSI release 8600GT with dual BIOS

MSI have unveiled a rather interesting overclocked 8600GT with dual BIOS. The board runs at 580MHz for the GPU itself and 1508MHz for the shader core. The memory frequency has also been increased from 1400MHz to 1600MHz.

Taiwan’s Acer to acquire Gateway for $710 million

Acer has announced that they will acquire Gateway for $710 million, making them the third largest PC manufacturer in the world. Effective in December, the combined companies revenue will be over $15 billion (USD) and PC shipments will exceed 20 million a year.

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