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Archive for February 24th, 2021

Far Cry 2 screens / COD 4: Modern Warfare videos

Today's gaming previews are a biggy. To kick things off, IGN have various videos of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, while Shacknews have some early screenshots of the highly anticipated Far Cry 2.

Firefox 3 dissected: new features explored

Although far from complete, the folks at PC Mech have taken a look at the current state of Firefox 3. Among many improvements, the most notable are a new Malware detection, private browsing, new Password Manager and a new way of organizing your bookmarks.

Squished iPod Nano coming?

A few days ago, Engadget posted a photo of what they believe to be the next iPod Nano. The shorter wider unit cooked up varying responses from the public. The new iPod has now gone from speculation to "the real deal" since apple's lawyers got in touch...

YouTube gives content makers control over advertisements

Introduced on Wednesday, YouTube has been implementing ads into the bottom of videos displayed on the site - which only triggered poor user feedback. Today, YouTube promised to give content makers control over advertisements overlaid on their clips.

Seagate to offer SSD’s starting next year

Seagate have announced that they plan on marketing their first solid-state drives next year, and by 2010, have a broad line-up. "We have solid-state drives on every road map that we have," Bill Watkins, the company's CEO told The Wall Street Journal.

Sparkle release passive GeForce 8-series cards

Sparkle's latest set of toys is a passive cooled GeForce 8-series line-up (without the 8800). Equipped with a heatpipe-based passive cooling system rather than the conventional HSF, the 8600GTS, 8600GT, 8500GT and 8400GS GPUs are available today.

Barcelona logo leaked before CPU’s arrive

As The Inquirer reports, AMD's upcoming Barcelona logo has been leaked in Singapore. The new logo is scheduled to be officially presented on the 10th September - followed by the Opteron 2340 and 2350 launch on the same day.

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