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Archive for February 25th, 2021

Wii passes Xbox 360 in global sales

Despite being on the market a year longer than the Wii, Nintendo's latest console has taken less than a year to overtake the Xbox 360's worldwide sales. According to VGchartz.com, the Wii has sold 10.57 million systems, while the Xbox 360 has sold 10.51 million units.

SiS to provide Intel entry-level chipsets

According to sources cited by DigiTimes, SiS is planning on providing Intel chipsets for entry-level and mid-range motherboards. DigiTimes noted that Intel's chipset shortages provoked the company to adopt the SiS671 chipset.

Mempile announce one terabyte optical disc

A company called Mempile has announced that they plan on developing an optical disk capable of storing a terrabyte. While current prototypes hold 600?800GB per disc, the Israeli based firm believe that 5TB will be accomplished in the move to a blue laser.

VIA announce 1-Watt x86 processor

VIA has today unveiled a new fan-less processor which consumes 1-watt and operates at 500 MHz. And here's the even cooler part - at idle, the Eden ULV processor only requires 0.1-watt of power.

Microsoft recalls smoking X360 racing wheel

Microsoft has warned consumers of their Wireless Racing Wheel that a component in the ?chassis may in rare cases overheat and release smoke when the AC-DC power supply is used to energize the Wheel.? Over 230,000 defective wheels have already been sold...

Microsoft refurbish SideWinder branding: a new mouse

Microsoft have reintroduced the SideWinder branding, this time in the form of a new mouse that could give Logitech's G9 a run for its money. The new SideWinder features a 2000 DPI sensor, 45 IPS, 7080 FPS, macro keys and a built-in LCD.

Razer announce 4000 DPI ‘Lachesis’

In response to Microsoft's SideWinder project, Razer have announced their latest ambidextrous rodent at GC in Leipzig, Germany. The Lachesis boasts a 4000 DPI sensor, a 1ms response time, teflon feet, 60-100 IPS and much more to satisfy today's hungry gamers.

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