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Archive for March 4th, 2021

Sharp plan to market 20mm thick LCD HDTV

Sharp has pulled the wraps off a new LCD TV that is 20mm (0.78 inches) thick at its thinnest point and 29mm (1.14 inches) at its widest point. Sharp noted that the TV will feature a 4ms response time, 3000:1 contrast ratio and weigh 55 pounds.

Intel announce X7900 mobile CPU

At a GC Press Day conference, Intel announced their next mobile processor. The 65nm X7900 is a 2.8GHz CPU based on the merom core. Surprisingly, the CPU has an 800MHz FSB and a thermal envelope of 45W.

Intel’s Penryn benchmarked: shows promising results

With launch rapidly approaching, Anandtech have found themselves in the presence of a 2.33GHz Wolfdale CPU and ran it against Intel's E6550 - much like HKEPC did earlier this month. Overall there is an average performance increase of 4.91%.

Paramount offered ?150 million to dump Blu-Ray?

According to two Viacom executives (owner of Paramount and Dreamworks), cited by the The New York Times, the company will receive ?150 million for dumping the Blu-ray format. The incentives will come in a combination of cash and promotional guarantees.

Henri Richard steps down from AMD

Henri Richard, executive vice president and chief sales and marketing officer at AMD, has resigned and will be cut loose on the 8th of September. Looks like AMD's biggest product launch of the year, Barcelona, will go ahead one man short...

Logitech unveil G51 speakers: watch out for your neighbours

Logitech have unveiled their latest speaker system. Logitech's G51 is a 5.1 surround sound system featuring a control pod and dual matrix modes that make it possible to create surround sound from two-channel sources.

AGEIA announce first mobile PhysX chip

AGEIA, a company that brought us dedicated physics cards have announced the first mobile physics chip. The PhysX 100M is designed to operate "with power dissipation of nearly 10W under gameplay conditions."

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