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Archive for March 7th, 2021

More AMD price cuts around the corner…

Ever since the blue monopoly took over the market, AMD's Athlon series has seen dramatic price drops - and the worst could be yet to come with AMD supposedly preparing another round of price cuts.

Intel confirms Core 2 Duo to drop ‘Duo’ name

Intel's naming scheme is set to lose some weight. Effective in Q1 08, all Core 2 Duo, Quad and Solo names will be simplified to 'Core 2'. The Pentium name will also be reborn with the old 'D' and 'Dual-Core' suffixes being cut off the end.

Penryn previews show promising results

HKEPC have gotten hold of a 45nm Wolfdale CPU running at 2.33Ghz and put it head to head against the comparable Core 2 Duo E6550, which is also clocked at 2.33GHz. While some applications only offer slight improvements, the rest will shock you.

Kinc sets new 3Dmark 05 record – 34,634

After Kinc's 3Dmark 06 record was stolen a few weeks ago, you'd think that he'd be trying to reclaim the glory. Instead, he's turned his efforts to 3Dmark 05 and has busted his own record.

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