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Dual SSD’s now found in Alienware notebooks

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Posted July 26, 2007 by admin in News

Alienware is offering users the choice of a single 32GB solid-state drive, dual 32GB SSD’s running in RAID-0, or a 32GB SSD combined with a regular 200GB 7,200RPM HDD.

RAID 0 splits data evenly across two drives which increases performance but offers no data recovery. On the other hand, RAID 1 mirrors all the data on one drive to the second which is ideal for irreplaceable data.

While no manufacturer has been revealed, we assume Samsung or other major SSD manufacturers will provide the drives.

The new SSD options are currently available from Alienware’s online website. A single 32GB SSD will set you back $500. Stepping up to the 32GB SSD combined with a 200GB HDD costs $800. Going full bore with dual 32GB SSDs will add a whopping $920 to your total bill.

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