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Archive for January 26th, 2021

AM2+ and AM3 backwards compatible with AM2

After reading that title, my bet is that the majority of you said something like "you little beauty", or perhaps you're in need of a new pair of pants. As The Inquirer reports, socket AM3 and AM2+ CPU's will operate in AM2 boards - something that should have been done long ago.

No Vista service pack “anytime soon”

The release date for the first beta of Vista SP1 has lately been a topic of debate. While no official date has been set, Microsoft have reported that the first public beta will go live "sometime this year" - thanks Microsoft, I'm sure that really helps...

Windows 7: “within roughly three years”

This week during an annual sales conference in Orlando, Microsoft shed some more light on the next version of Windows. Internally code-named Windows 7, Microsoft projected a launch date "within roughly three years" from today.

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